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  • 02 Jan 2013 10:14 AM | Brenda Pfannenstiel

    The MCMLA Executive Committee is now accepting applications for the position of Executive Secretary.  Travel/attendance at MCMLA is reimbursed.  This is an appointed position.  A description of the responsibilities and duties of this position can be found in the Policy and Procedure Manual (see the MCMLA web site Committees page). 

    After years of excellent service, Peggy Mullaly-Quijas has resigned as Executive Secretary for MCMLA.  This is your opportunity to contribute to your professional association, to attend the annual meeting (in Utah this year, in Denver next year) and to add a nice line to your c.v.  Peggy has offered to be available to assist the new Executive Secretary transition into the job.

    Please send your applications to me, preferably by Jan. 10.

    Brenda Pfannenstiel, MCMLA Chair

  • 28 Dec 2012 5:15 PM | Brenda Pfannenstiel

    At the MCMLA Annual Business Meeting in Kansas City, a motion passed requiring the Executive Committee or its appointed group to report back to the chapter membership by Dec.31,2012 on actions taken to address the concerns voiced in Dick Kammer’s motion and from the floor.  See the report on the President's Corner page.

    Brenda Pfannenstiel, AHIP

    Chair, MCMLA

  • 13 Dec 2012 3:15 PM | Peggy Mullaly-Quijas

    (If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot password link in the blue box at the bottom of the left column.)

    To renew:

    • Log in, click on the View profile link in the blue box at the bottom of the left column.
    • Under Membership details, you will see a button that says Renew until 01 Jan 2014.
    • The next screen will give you the opportunity to update your contact information.
    • This screen is also where you can volunteer to serve on a committee or as an officer by checking the appropriate box(es).
    • Once you have updated all of your information, click the Update and next button.
    • Once you click the Confirm and proceed with payment button, you will be taken to the Invoices and payments page.

      Here you have two options:

      • To pay by cash or check, click on the Invoice # to see the whole invoice.

        Print and mail to:
        Peggy Mullaly-Quijas
        Executive Secretary, MCMLA
        P.O. Box 2218
        Lee's Summit, MO 64063-2218

        Once Peggy receives the check, she will enter it into the system and your renewal will be complete.

      • To pay online, click the Pay online button in the yellow box. This will take you to our PayPal page where you can either log in (if you have an existing PayPal account) or use a debit or credit card as a guest. Once you've completed the PayPal process, you'll be taken back to the MCMLA web site where your invoice should now show as paid.
  • 07 Dec 2012 2:26 PM | Brenda Pfannenstiel

    Thanks to Melissa DeSantis for sharing this news--

    OU-Tulsa, in partnership with HeLEO and with funding from the NN/LM SCR, plans to host a full-day workshop on April 18th to be taught by Michelle Kraft of the Cleveland Clinic and The workshop will focus on demonstrating the value of the hospital/health systems library in today’s marketplace. The workshop will include case study methods as well as traditional lecture. Michelle is going to apply for MLA CE credits for the workshop (est. 6 to 8 contact hours) and the workshop will be free to attend for librarians and students. Lunch will be provided.

    An official announcement and RSVP will go out some time in February. Please mark April 18 on your calendar if you plan to attend. Please let me know if you have any questions about this workshop!


    Stewart Brower

    Director, Schusterman Library

    University of Oklahoma-Tulsa

    (918) 660-3222


  • 07 Dec 2012 12:47 PM | Amanda Sprochi (Administrator)

    We have a roundup of MCMLA2012 and much much more!
  • 07 Dec 2012 10:22 AM | Brenda Pfannenstiel

    Value of Library and Information Services in Patient Care Study web site


    The article has now been released as a JMLA epub ahead of print! 

  • 04 Dec 2012 3:22 PM | Brenda Pfannenstiel

    Make your voice heard!  Help set the agenda for medical librarian advocacy!

    You can take the survey at

    Survey closes Dec. 31, but DO NOT WAIT to participate!

  • 16 Nov 2012 4:36 PM | Holly Henderson

    Let us know what kind of continuing education you'd like to see in Salt Lake City at MCMLA 2013. Not attending? We'd still like your input.

    Here's the link to the survey, it should take less than 10 minutes to complete,

    Please respond before November 30 and thank you!

  • 31 Aug 2012 12:18 PM | Anonymous

    To Voting Members of MCMLA:

    There are two minor changes to the MCMLA Bylaws. This PDF file contains the 2010 version of the MCMLA Bylaws with the proposed changes for you to review prior to the Annual Meeting in Kansas City,  October 3 - 5.  Deletions are marked with a strike through and changes/additions are in red text.

    Below is a summary of the changes incorporated:

    Item 1 brings us in to closer sync with the MLA Bylaws and Item 2 brings us in line with Robert's Rules of Order regarding breaking a tie vote during elections.

    1) Replace the current membership class of Distinguished Senior Member with Emeritus Member.

        a.  Delete Article III., Section 2, Item c. Distinguished Senior Members: members presently retired and/or recognized by the Executive Committee, as defined in Article VIII, Section 2, for their outstanding contributions to the Chapter.

        b.  Add new Article III, Section 2, Item c.  Emeritus Members: members shall have been a Regular Member for a minimum of 3 years, shall have requested Emeritus membership,  and shall have retired from active professional work.

    2) Bring resolution of a tie vote in to compliance with Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.

        a. Delete Article VI., Section 2, Item d.  refer a tie vote to the Executive Committee which will break the tie.  The Chair shall abstain from voting on tied elections;

        b.  Add new Article VI., Section 2, Item d.  in the event of a tie vote, the election for the office in question will be re-balloted until one candidate receives a majority;

    NOTE:  According to Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, in most elections, the threshold is a majority of the votes cast.  If you have only two candidates and the vote is a tie, you must repeat the balloting until one candidate receives a majority.  Regarding our current Bylaw of referring the tie vote to the Executive Committee, with the Chair abstaining, to break the tie, Robert's says that your presiding officer or officers should never cast a tie-breaker in a ballot vote since they have already voted once and letting only them vote twice in the same election is unfair.  The position for which the tie vote occurred, must be re-balloted and all voting members must vote again until one candidate received a majority.

    These changes have been approved by the MCMLA Bylaws Committee, the MCMLA Executive Committee and the MLA Bylaws Committee.  A final vote on the Bylaws will take place during the Business Meeting on Friday, October 5, 2012.

    As required by the existing Bylaws, this email shall constitute the 30 days notice of the amendments to the Bylaws.

    Thank you for your attention to this important matter.  I look forward to seeing you all in Kansas City.


    Tom Gensichen

    Chair, MCMLA Bylaws Committee

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