2014-15 President Jackie Hittner

It's All About Us (Bringing It On Home)! 


  1. Survey MCMLA membership:
    • Why do you remain a member?
    • Why is the chapter relevant to you?
    • Obtain membership demographics
    • Survey past MCMLA members: Why are they no longer members?
  2. Review each MCMLA committee in regards to:
    • Committee relevance
    • Total number of members serving on the committee
    • Committee responsibilities
  3. Evaluate combining the Governmental Relations and Library Advocacy Committees
  4. Annual Meeting Task Force will be created and charged with the following:
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the 2015 Annual meeting, which will be a virtual meeting -- did the meeting work well overall to meet the needs of the organization?  If yes, which parts of the meeting worked well, and which parts of the meeting need to be improved?
    • Explore how MCMLA could hold face to face annual meetings in the future -- the Feasibility of having a local planning committee vs. a distributed planning committee, among other options.
    • Explore the feasibility of multi-chapter joint meetings every five to seven years.
    • Review MCMLA annual meeting advisor job description to determine if it still reflects what the annual meeting advisor needs to do.
      • Generate a list of possible MCMLA members who might be interested in being the MCMLA meeting planner in the future.
    • To determine the format and content of the annual meeting final report and to whom it should be transmitted.
  5. Advocacy Project:
    • Joint RML/MCMLA project
    • Collect information on hospital libraries' importance to the business of hospitals
  6. Archives:
    • What items to keep
    • How to keep the items
    • Where to keep the items
  7. From the Championing for Librarians Final Report: August 22, 2014:
    1. Motion 1.  MCMLA, within one year, will begin work with state hospital accrediting bodies to adopt standards requiring direct access to a librarian.  For Motion #1 that requires working with state accrediting bodies, we suggested a joint project between the Library Advocacy and Governmental Relations Committees with the initial activity of identifying appropriate accrediting bodies.
    2. Motion 2.  MCMLA will encourage and support publication by the membership in (non-library oriented) health professional publications, newsletters, journals, letters to the editor.  For Motion #2 that addresses members publishing, we suggested a collaboration between the Research and Publications Committees:
      • research and then provide suggested journals that might accept library oriented articles,
      • provide an online list with links to the journal titles and author's instructions,
      • do a very elementary survey to see what hospital administrators read, and
      • budget for a monetary prize to be given to someone publishing outside of library journals. 

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