2015-16 President Lisa Traditi

MCMLA Strategic Priorities, Goals, and Objectives 2015-16

MLA's new strategic plan:  http://fullspeedahead.mlanet.org/?page_id=26

1.  Create Strategic Goals for MCMLA

In order to:

  • Clarify MCMLA’s direction
  • Focus limited human and financial resources on high yield outcomes
  • Garner member buy-in and participation

Key Strategies:

  1. Use Executive Committee (EC) to identify and set long term goals (2-5 years).  Date: November 2015; Owner: Chair and EC
  2. Identify goals for this fiscal year 2015-16.  Date: January 2015; Owner: Chair and EC
  3. Share with membership via email list, website, newsletter.  Date: February 2015; Owner: Chair and chair-elect

2.  Evaluate virtual meeting - Annual Meeting Task Force – continuation from 2014-15

In order to:

  • Determine benefit to members
  • Evaluate cost-effectiveness
  • Determine sustainability and reproducibility

Key Strategies:

  1. Create electronic survey, and
  2. Distribute electronic survey and evaluate results.  Date: December 2015; Owner: Ad Hoc Annual Meeting TF
  3. Recommend if and how to implement future virtual meetings.  Date: April 2016; Owner: EC and Annual Meeting TF

    3.  Advocacy

    In order to:

    • Promote and support the role of health sciences librarians within the region.
    • Support libraries/library positions under threat.
    • Promote value of librarians/libraries to administrators.

    Key Strategies:

    1. Work with newly combined/formed committee to identify strategic goal(s).  Date: by September 2016; Owner: Advocacy Committee
    2. Explore research ideas on advocacy with interested groups.  Date: by September 2016; Owner: Advocacy Committee
    3. Recommend if and how to implement future virtual meetings.  Date: April 2016; Owner: EC and Annual Meeting TF

    4.  Optimize communications with members

    In order to:

    • Grow community/membership interactions
    • Identify communications needs/desires of members

    Key Strategies:

    1. Review MCMLA's communication methods and determine if an update is needed (newsletter, blog, website, email list).  Date: September 2016; Owner: EC
    2. Explore if/how MCMLA can use MLA's content management system, Socious.  Date: August 2016; Owner: Communications Committee

    Lisa Traditi, MLS, AHIP

    Executive Committee minutes for 2015-16 and other reports will be posted in this area as available.

    Presentations at Annual Business Meetings:

    MCMLA2015 Annual Business Meeting Minutes:

    65th Anniversary Resolution from MLA

    MCMLA Committee Roster 2015-2016:

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