2018 Virtual Meeting

Keynote Speakers

October 4: Sally Gore

Sally Gore, MS, MS LIS, is the Manager of Research and Scholarly Communication Services for the Lamar Soutter Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School, where she oversees the Library's efforts at collaboration with basic science and clinical researchers on campus, as well as all scholarly communication endeavors, including eScholarship@UMMS (Institutional Repository). Prior to this, she served as the Research Evaluation Analyst for the University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical & Translational Science. Sally has experience in the library as an embedded research librarian and informationist, serving on grant-funded clinical and community outreach research teams, providing information, data, and knowledge management services for the projects; as a scholarly communications librarian, reference librarian, and consumer health librarian.

Sally earned her graduate degree in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University and an MS in Exercise Physiology from Ithaca College. She writes the blog, "A Librarian by Any Other Name" (http://librarianhats.net/) and can be found on Twitter at @mandosally.

Picture This: A Visual Story of Building Partnerships

This presentation will use infographics and data visualization tools to tell – and show – how the speaker has built a network of professional colleagues and collaborators across the University’s campus. These relationships, with people in both the clinical and basic science areas, have created a number of successful outreach programs, grant-funded projects, and raised awareness of the Library’s resources and expertise. Additionally, they have enhanced the career of the speaker in numerous ways. With pictures, and a bit of humor, the audience will hopefully come away with some ideas and inspiration to start, or continue, building their own bridges to opportunities and partnerships.

October 5: Dr. Katalin Gothard

Dr. Gothard will talk about her research and how she communicates the importance of animals in research and what’s important for animal researchers to keep in mind as they proactively communicate their work with a variety of audiences. Dr. Gothard is a Professor in the departments of Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of Arizona Health Sciences, College of Medicine in Tucson. The broad goal of her research is to understand the neural basis of emotion and social behavior. She works with rhesus monkeys because their social organization resembles the organization of human societies. They also share with humans the use of facial expressions and various forms of social touch to communicate their emotions and intentions.

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