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CE #2: Cool Creative Communications: Dazzling Data Visualization (4 credits)

Instructor: Donna Ziegenfuss

Date: Oct. 13, 2019, 8:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Creighton Health Science Library (Room #247), 2802 Webster St.*

Description: The class is designed to increase participant’s knowledge of concepts of using visual representations of data, increase in knowledge of a variety of effective data visualization tools, and increase in knowledge of a student selected data visualization tool/application.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase knowledge of using visual representations of data and various data visualization tools.
  • Design a data visualization with a data set on a selected tool.
  • Discuss peer submitted data visualizations to enhance understanding of the data presented.

CE #3: Data Management for Librarians: What health sciences librarians need to know (4 credits)

Instructor: Caitlin Bakker

Date: Oct. 13, 2019, 1pm - 5pm

Location: Creighton Health Science Library (Room #248), 2802 Webster St.*

Learning Objectives

  • Explain key aspects of research data management in the health sciences
  • Identify opportunities to integrate data services into their existing roles
  • Compare and contrast different data repositories for sharing and retrieval
  • Apply best practices to create a data management plan
  • Assess an existing data management plan and identify areas for improvement

*The CE Committee will send detailed information regarding location and transportation to the registrants at a later date.

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