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Tips for editing pages on this site

Practical Tips

  1. In order to edit or create pages, you must have administrator rights. These rights have been assigned to selected chapter chairs, committee chairs, and MLA liaisons for the chapter.
  2. For technical help, try Wild Apricot's detailed documentation first - click the Help link in the top right hand corner. The Help link is only visible when you are logged in to your administrator account.

Style Tips

  1. Keep your HTML clean. One way to do this is to copy the text from a site into a simple text editor like notepad. This will strip out all of the tags and coding in the text, otherwise, Wild Apricot will import the text with the coding, which will then need to be painstakingly cleaned up.
  2. Keep styling consistent. Use the basic black headings from the style menu and the "normal" style for text.
  3. Less is more. Use short, scannable sentences. Don't expect people to read the entire page.
  4. Copy information onto a page rather than link to documents whenever possible. Link to PDFs and other files for specific purposes only, not to avoid re-keying information.
  5. Write in an easy, relaxed style.


Watch these short videos for step-by-step instructions to complete common tasks like updating your contact information or editing a page.  These videos are specific to the design and layout of the current MCMLA web site.

In addition, Wild Apricot provides several short videos to help web administrators get more comfortable using the site.  Watch this space for links to selected Wild Apricot videos.

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