SHOW ME: 2017 MCMLA Awards Nominations

30 May 2017 3:03 PM | Committee Chairs (Administrator)

Medical librarians are high achievers.  We all know that.  But the world – especially healthcare execs – don’t know that.  We need to SHOW them. 

One way we do that is through MCMLA Awards – we recognize the highest achievers among us, and tell their higher-ups about it, and make it easy for them to tell the rest of the world.  That’ll be my job at and after the 2017 MCMLA Annual Meeting, “SHOW ME – ONE HEALTH” in the Show Me State of Missouri October 9-11 – SHOW YOU the best of the best at the meeting, and then SHOW THEM (them being the world) with followup letters and press releases.

But first – you need to SHOW ME who you consider the best.  Nominations are open for the 2017 Awards. 

The Big Three are:

Hetzner Award
This award recognizes an academic health sciences librarian who has achieved a high level of professional accomplishment. The individual must be a member of MCMLA and work in an academic health sciences library.

McDowell Award
This award honors a chapter member who has made an outstanding contribution to hospital librarianship. To be eligible, an individual must be a member of MCMLA and work in a hospital library.

Outstanding Achievement Award
This award honors a member for contributions to health sciences/hospital libraries, to the profession, goals, and objectives of the chapter.

Nominations for all awards are due by August 1. The nomination form and instructions are available on the MCMLA website [].  Send any questions to Honors and Awards Committee Chair Jerry Carlson [] or call 970-495-7770.


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