The Answer, Dear Brutus ...

13 Jul 2017 5:33 PM | Committee Chairs (Administrator)

It's almost the Ides of July, named for Julius Caesar, whose story as told by Shakespeare you may have read in high school.  That means you have a little over two weeks to get your nominations in for MCMLA awards.

You may be wondering, "Who should I nominate?"

At one point in that play, Cassius says, "The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars."  In the case of MCMLA awards, the fault lies not there, but an answer does - in the MCMLA STARS Program - our recognition of individual achievements (new AHIP membership or higher status, articles or books published, awards received, classes taught,  committees and boards served, grants received, innovations launched, colleagues mentored, offices held, posters and presentations shared, promotions earned at work) from the past year.  But those achievements add up.

Just look at the annual lists linked from the STARS Program page.  You'll see that several names appear again and again from year to year.  And that under many of the names there are multiple items.  You get the idea?

So take a stab at nominating someone.  Details of the awards (including past winners - no sense duplicating) are linked from the Honors and Awards page.  Hope to hear from you by August 1, and to see you and your nominee again not at Philippi but in Columbia.

BTW, the Stars Nomination Form is now live on the STARS Program page to encourage future award winners. 

Jerry Carlson

MCMLA Honors & Awards Chair

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