Library Advocacy Committee

Ceased in 2015, as a result of the merger of this committee and Governmental Relations committee.

The Library Advocacy Committee promotes and supports the role of health science librarians throughout the Midcontinental Chapter of the Medical Library Association. The committee looks for relevant education, marketing and other resources to further the development and professional needs of the Chapter members.


2013-2014 Committee Goals

  1. Create a web page with information and examples of various business documents that librarians may need to produce:  elevator speech, annual reports, budget proposals, etc.
  2. Facilitate publication of library articles in non-library publications that may be read by administrators.  Suggestions on how to do this included, help with editing, suggesting publications, help with any fees, possible rewards for publishing.
  3. Follow up with MLA regarding the motions made by our chapter last year.  In particular, look into reports available from the database on library status changes since the most recent reports on the website at the time of the motion were from 2008.
  4. Begin research into where staff at institutions who have closed their libraries obtain their library services.  If possible, show a link between lack of services and outcomes, adverse effects, readmissions, patient/employee/physician satisfaction.  We thought we might need to hire an independent researcher to accomplish this and that it could be a joint project with the Research Committee.

Contributing to the Library Success Wiki

The Library Advocacy Committee would like to encourage the winners of the Library Promotion and Marketing contests to post their entries on the Library Success Wiki.  The wiki is the brain child of Meredith Farkas. The purpose of the wiki is to provide a space for librarians to post successes to inspire others. To see Meredith's Blog Post about starting the wiki, click here.

Past Membership:

2013-14 | 2012-13 | 2011-12 | 2010-11

Chair: Betsy Mueth
Members: Myoung Fry, Cam Gentry, Erica Lake, Angela Spencer, Rose Wilson
Ex-Officio: Barb Jones
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Chair: Elizabeth Burns
Members: Myong Fry, Teri Hartman, Richard Kammer, Barb Jones, Valerie R. Meyer
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Chair: Elizabeth Burns
Members: Teri Hartman, Barb Jones, Richard Kammer, Valerie R. Meyer
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Chair: Elizabeth Burns
Members: Teri Hartman, Barb Jones, Valerie R. Meyer
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