Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares the slate for election of MCMLA Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Recording Secretary, Potential Candidate for Membership on the MLA Nominating Committee, and MLA Chapter Council Representative and Alternate. Additionally, the committee conducts the elections and tabulates results.

Past Membership:


Timmi Johnson - Chair

Crystal Cameron-Vedros

Shandra Knight


Jim Honour - Chair

Rebecca Graves - Incoming Chair

John Bramble - Immediate Past Chair


Pat Hamilton - Chair

Gwen Wilson - Immediate Past Chair


Erica Lake - Chair

Jackie Hittner - Immediate past chair

Claire Hamasu - Chair

Erica Lake

Jackie Hittner

Marty Magee - Chair

Claire Hamasu

Darrel Willoughby

Current Membership

  • Crystal Cameron-Vedros, Chair (2022)
  • Shawn Steidinger (2024)
  • Melissa De Santis, Immediate Past Chair

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